Saturday, June 28, 2008

That's what I am!! Amy, my hairdresser told me so and I am honored!!

Down on the Farm

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wow, I've gots lots to share today! Where to start.......

My husband has new love. His name is Eddie. Maybe I should be jealous but I am not. You see I really love Eddie too. Come to think of it so do the kids. Here is a picture of Bobbi kissing him:

But really it is Todd who is most attached. He is a sucker for little guys. Eddie was a bottle baby and broke one his legs so when Bobbi picked her Finnish Sheep in OH she was able to bring Eddie home for free. (She has already made money on him though, her dad bought him from her!)

Bobbi picked up two ewes and is picking up a ram this week from BellaVita Farm. She has a nice little flock started.

Chewie has adjusted to his life as a sheep dog. Soon he will have to adjust to his life as an it but please don't bring it up. We haven't told him. Here he is with Todd's Jacob Sheep:

And when we first got him:

Twila has resigned herself to the fate of her pony. He will move to his new home soon where he will pull a cart. Kim has been coming over and working with him in the meantime.
We are hoping to have my cormos soon. We are on our way to becoming a working farm!