So much to do....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I finally have a chance to post! My internet has been down all week and I was anxiously waiting to work on this blog thing! LOL

Here are a few things I am knitting:

I love them! As you can see switched colors on the second mitten to schnazz (sorry that's my personal word, it means fancy with a twist. I guess maybe it means wild and crazy. It all just depends on how you use it. Feel free to add it to your own vocabulary or not. ) it up a bit. I used philospher's wool which I also love but I am not sure I can tell you why.

Socks for my daughter!! (who incidently wants me to teach her to knit!)
I am using the Just Yer Basic Sock pattern by Alyson Johnson. You can find that here: I am using Opal Sock Yarn.

I am also working on a shawl for me. I love the whole idea of making my whole clothes. You can see the pattern here:
Well it is time to study my Bible and head to bed. I have to work tomorrow :( I know in all things give thanks....... I am thankful I don't have to work the day after tomorrow!! LOL God is good!