Knit One, Kill Two Chapter Two

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am not loving this book. I really want to, but I am just. not. I guess I just don't find it believable. In this chapter Kelley visits the old farm house turned LYS. On the bottom of pg 18, she can't possibly take another step b/c her senses are so assaulted by the color......(insert audible groan). Okay, I am a knitter/spinner/hand dyer and I totally get the love of yarn and color but this is a bit much. What do you think? Please help me love this book.

Speaking of books.....a friend of mine wrote a book called Maidenshawl. She will be at Knit Michigan signing it! (I'll be there too, come say hi!) For you knitters there is a pattern written by Marla Mutch included :)

I have my own signed copy :) Hmmm.....maybe we should postpone Brisingr. What do ya think?